Discussion of DALI Dimmable LED Driver Application

- Sep 24, 2018-

With the rapid development of LED, more and more LED products come out. As a star LED product, DALI dimmable LED driver is widely used in hotels, restaurants, cottages, hospitals, offices, etc. It can complete realize digital dimming. So you can see the strong functions of DALI dimmable LED driver.

In another way, DALI dimmable LED driver is suitable for all kinds of LED light bars, LED strips, down lamps, LED panel lamps, halogen lamps, ceiling lamps, MR16, spot lamps, etc. DALI dimmable LED driver is divided into constant current LED driver and constant voltage LED driver. According to different lamps, output power, output current, technique parameters, you can choose the right DALI dimmable LED driver to dim your lamps.

DALI dimmable LED driver can realize 0-100% dimming for constant voltage LED lamps and constant current LED lamps. It is very energy saving. The efficiency of light source is changed with the change of resistor. As present in China, as people’s living standards improved, physical and spiritual life to be constantly enriched and enriched. So people has high requirements on their lights.
protea-hotel-fire-and-ice-cape-town-reception-3.jpgDALI dimmable LED driver pays a very important role in our daily life. In future, DALI dimmable LED driver will enter many new fields. It is believed that DALI dimmable LED driver will have a bright tomorrow.