Dignity Health & Acuity unite to offer LED healthcare solutions

- Nov 15, 2018-

With the aim to revitalize the aesthetics of 38 of its hospital campuses, Dignity Health, the California-based healthcare institution, has teamed with Acuity Brands to provide LED solutions for each hospital campus. Dignity Health provides healthcare facilities in three states across the US.

LED lighting contributes to Dignity Health’s upgrading and sustainability goals by reducing system wide energy consumption.Under the LED partnership, Dignity Health hospitals can reduce energy usage by over 50% and greenhouse gas emissions by 5,284 metric tons. This reduction reinforces the corporation’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2020.

Furthermore, switching over to LED luminaires reduces yearly maintenance costs by an average of $505,000 across the 38 facilities. The LED system will need virtually no maintenance over the next 10 years. Lighting upgrades for the exterior of the 38 hospitals took around 21 months from the initial audits to installation, with the project on budget and meeting customer expectations without disturbing each site’s operations.
LED lighting solution

Dignity Health seeks to promote greater visibility, improved curb appeal and considerably reduce operating costs.  With safety and sustainability in mind, the healthcare institution issued a bid request for a turnkey exterior lighting solution that would include new luminaires, site surveys, audits, supply chain coordination and luminaire installation at 38 locations across Arizona, California and Nevada.

Retrofitting the present luminaires was not an option since most of the luminaires were installed during the mid-1990s and earlier and needed replacement or repair.
Some critical challenges

The hospital campuses differ in size, with some locations consisting of several buildings and structures with a variety of architectural styles. A number of metal halide, high pressure sodium and incandescent fixtures of a variety of shapes and sizes illuminated the hospital campuses. Some campuses have more than 400 different fixtures illuminating the grounds and campus buildings, with some areas over-lit and others poorly illuminated.

Dignity Health & Acuity unite to offer LED healthcare solutions

For illuminating the hospital campuses, Performance Lighting Systems, an Acuity Brands agency, developed project provisions. Further, Earth Savers Energy Services, the lighting contractor, compiled a spreadsheet with existing fixtures, the Acuity Brands LED luminaire recommended, hours of operation, energy savings and related variables. The Energy Services also worked with local regulatory authorities such as Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) in California, to gain approval.

Earth Savers determined what hospital sites qualified for utility rebates, developed energy usage profiles and conducted audits and surveys. Data gathered helped Acuity Brands give exclusive solutions customized to each site to attain the greatest value.