Digital classroom LED lighting reduces children?s test errors, increases reading speed

- Oct 24, 2018-

Digital classroom LED lighting reduces children?s test errors, increases reading speed

Every parent would want their child to do well in school. Imagine if the classroom lighting can help a child have a brilliant academic career.

C3 Lighting Solutions has developed the first of its kind advanced digital classroom lighting system that addresses both lighting and acoustics, improving learning among children. This classroom lighting reduces children?s test errors by 45% and increases their reading speed by 35%.

The color temperature and illumination levels of C3s digital classroom lighting system can be adjusted by the teacher based on different classroom activities: Standard for lecture and learning sessions, concentrate for testing and reading, energy for quick-starting the day and after lunch, relax for calming classroom hyperactivity and AV for audio visual presentations.

Studies in Europe have shown the following results with the application of innovative classroom lighting technology: Increased reading speed of almost 35%, testing errors reduced by nearly 45% and Classroom hyperactivity reduced by 76%.

The system features: Solid-state microprocessor control, touch-pad selectable color temperature and level of illumination based on classroom activity, touch-pad selectable light level, 24 VDC high efficiency LED fixtures, remote power supply technology and remote emergency egress lighting battery back-up, daylight-harvesting sensor for energy savings, Energy usage sensor and after hours occupancy alarms are available, fixtures operate at 7 degrees above ambient temperature for increased HVAC energy savings.

The system is the safest classroom lighting system ever developed. C3s Remote Power Technology removes power supplies from the classroom and uses class 2 DC power for illumination and control, this eliminates any possibility of the system causing electrocution or fire in the classroom.

Improved speech recognition is a major concern in the classroom and C3s LED technology allows our acoustic luminaires to provide both light and sound amplification and work in combination with the RPG Diffusor Systems Sound Diffusion Acoustic System