Different sectors have different LED lighting needs

- Oct 24, 2018-

LED lighting needs vary from segment to segment and from application to application. For example, the types of LED lights required in homes differ from those used in the transportation sector, retail or commercial sectors. Today, LED lighting manufacturers are also producing lights keeping the sectors and their needs in mind.

LED lighting for retail sector

In the retail sector, the LED lighting differs from one retail type to another. For example the need for food retail outlets is so different from the clothing shops, which is again different from a jewelleryshop. In this sector, one needs to keep in mind three most important factors?right amount of lumens, right placement of the lights and right light color. Retail outlets like food, clothing etc, need high color-rendering index to attract the consumers. Here, uniform white look is required to make the stores look attractive.

LED lighting in transportation

The most important need for transportation lighting sector is to make people feel safe and secured, while waiting for a bus or a train or inside a bus or train. Hence, LED lights should be big and bright. These lights should be flicker-free and have longer life to save maintenance time and costs. According to HIS, the key factors used to make decisions about transportation lighting installations are security, quality of light, upfront costs, running costs, and ease of maintenance.

LED lighting in offices

Research shows a little attention to office lighting design can go a long way in making a workspace function better, feel more comfortable and invite collaboration among colleagues, helping to create a more productive atmosphere. While bad lighting can impact productivity of employees, good lighting, on the other hand can not only enhance productivity, but also improve their health and concentration power.

The most important factor for office environments is the cost. In most offices, lighting cost is a huge investment as it covers installation cost, running cost and maintenance cost. In addition to energy savings, choosing the right LED lighting help reduce costs.

Today, lighting professionals are willing to work closely with building owners to help identify different ways of savings on costs as well as giving ease of installations and maintenance.