Development status of LED driver

- Sep 04, 2018-

At the same time that LED shines, LED drive power is the top priority of LED industry chain development. The life and reliability of LED drive power directly affect the long life of LED light source. Therefore, while the LED industry chain continues to integrate and develop, the maturity of LED drive power technology plays a decisive factor. Due to the leap-forward development of the LED industry, it has gradually shifted from the lighting direction of government agencies to civilian lighting. Thanks to a series of recent policies to encourage the development of the LED industry, it has also brought many problems. The problem is exposed. The LED driver power market is closely related to the development of downstream industries, especially high-power LED street lamps. However, with the continuous improvement of LED performance parameters, the LED lighting market is gradually emerging, and the application fields are more extensive, especially in 2012, the industry's eyes From the outdoor to the indoor commercial lighting applications, domestic and foreign markets and customers have higher requirements for LED drive power, especially power efficiency, power factor, life, constant current accuracy, electromagnetic compatibility and other performance. As the application of LED will gradually shift from government engineering to civilian lighting, the application of LED will be gradually subdivided. Although the claim that the lifetime of a single LED is as long as 100,000 hours has exploded, the LED driver has not yet kept up with the actual life of the LED. The impact of LED lighting products is due to the longevity of LED lighting power supply itself directly dragging the life of LED lighting fixtures; or the efficiency of the driving power supply is not high, resulting in low performance conversion of LED lighting fixtures; or due to the instability of the output current voltage affects the lighting The quality has greatly reduced the green energy-saving advantages of LED lighting, thus affecting the popularity of the market.

In order to overcome the above problems of heat dissipation and life of the LED driving power supply, the electroless capacitor LED driving solution will become the final choice of the market. Future LED driver power supplies will develop toward a trend of stable safety, high efficiency, electroless capacitors, and high integration and small size.