Dali led driver

- Jun 15, 2020-

Q: How many lights can be connected to the DALI system? What is the distance of the bus?

A: One bus can recognize 64 addresses (that is, it can control 64 lights), and it can be infinitely expanded. Each expansion of a control area requires the addition of DALI control bus equipment; the distance of the line is up to 500 yards; the bus is powered, which can maximize Limit to ensure the stability of the protocol signal!

Q: The original intelligent lighting control system is analog control. What is the difference between the DALI system and the traditional analog signal control system?

A: First of all, each component in the DALI system has its own independent address, so it is possible to communicate directly with each component, that is, on a pair of twisted pairs, the DALI system can control several groups of devices. Third, by issuing commands through the DALI system, the lights can be turned off without having to set a switch on the main circuit. Fourth, the DALI system can not only send instructions to the lighting device, but also receive signals from the lighting device. While the traditional control system can only send instructions to the lighting device by the system, the gap between the two is obvious. The DALI system receives the feedback signal of the lighting device including: the status of the lamp, that is, is the lamp on or off? The preset lighting level and the state of the ballast. Fifth, the control line is simple. No matter what topology is used, the control line in the DALI system is an ordinary two-core cable. Sixth, the DALI system can be easily reconfigured. By resetting the program, you can easily change the lighting scene and function without changing any hardware. Seventh, it is easy to add new components. When the lighting system needs to be expanded to add new components, no matter where in the DALI system, as long as the component is connected to the DALI network, no rewiring is required.