Dali led driver

- Jun 12, 2020-

Q: What is DALI dimming?

Answer: DALI is a technical standard promulgated by IEC, standard number IEC60929. DALI is English Digital Addressable Lighting

The abbreviation of Interface, which means "digital addressable lighting interface". (Simply speaking, it is a standard of digital communication protocol)


Q: What are the characteristics of DALI dimming?

Answer: DALI protocol control dimming is different from traditional lighting control! To put it simply, no matter how many loops the system is designed for, point-to-point dimming (that is, one-to-one precise control) can be achieved from the system loop. Traditional control can only control all modules in a loop; the characteristic of DALI application is that the bus system can Accurately identify the digital address of each DALI power module to achieve precise one-to-one control. As long as the system supports, DALI can achieve remote terminal control!

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