DALI Dimmable LED Driver Has a Bright Prospect in Medical Market

- Sep 19, 2018-

In recent years,  with the rapid development of led lighting, the function of led is immeasurable. As the accessory of led lighting, DALI dimmable led driver is designed for dimming light and color. The applied realm of DALI dimmable led driver seeps through led lighting field if not known. But DALI dimmable led driver has far reaching application potential.

LED lighting filed, from outdoor to indoor, from specialty to general, is widely used in medical lighting, farming lighting, automobile lighting, etc. Although DALI dimmable led driver is not widely used, you still can see the application of DALI dimmable led driver in hotels, clubs, cottages, office, etc. Ultraviolet(UV), phototherapy device, operating astral lamps, these three charming new lands attract numerous manufacturers to explore the mystery in led medical market. Next, let’s witness DALI dimmable led driver has a chance to expand in medical market.

dali dimmable led driver

LED medical illumination is divided into medical general lighting and medical special lighting. Medical general lighting is hospital wards, corridors, offices lighting, etc. This medical general lighting can absolutely adopt DALI dimmable led driver to dim light. There are several advantages: DALI dimmable led driver is the secondary energy conversation. DALI dimmable led driver can control all lamps and change the lighting intensity according to the scene environment. For example, in the wards, it can adopt soft lighting when the patients are resting, which not only improves the sleep quality but also do better for patients’ states of illness. The medical special lighting adopts halogen lamps for lighting source and then uses metal halide lamps. Compared with the traditional medical lighting products, led has inherent advantages, particularly in fixed point lighting, orientation lighting, high intensity lighting, lighting adjustment, etc. If combined with the dimming function of DALI dimmable led driver, led will work the best.
medical-006.jpgdali dimmable led driver

LED medical market has a good prospect, DALI dimmable led driver also has a chance to expand, let’s wait and see.