DALI Dimmable LED Driver Advantages

- Sep 21, 2018-

DALI dimmable led driver is considered the next generation lighting solutions as DALI dimmable led driver provides environment-friendly lighting for existing buildings. In addition to providing long-term savings in energy bills, DALI dimmable led driver provides unique lighting effects and reduce maintenance needs.

It is a natural trend to witness advancement and innovations in Science and Technology such that DALI dimmable led driver replaces  the status quo. When we recall that in the light of this fact, the aspect of lighting system started with oil lamps, and gradually it turned into the era of candles, incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs. Nowadays, DALI dimmable led driver enables our life more colorful, wonderful and beautiful.

Luckily, a better option for lighting which most people now opt for is the use of LED light bulbs (light emitting diodes bulbs). They are safe and friendly to the human environment. If we use DALI dimmable led driver to control led bulbs which could be used in office and home,  there will some of the DALI dimmable led driver advantages.

a.    Energy saving: The use of DALI dimmable led driver is highly economical compared to other led driver.  DALI dimmable led driver saves a great deal of energy. In fact, they are the best energy-saving led driver. Using them in a home or in a working environment will drastically reduce the monthly energy bill. Compared to a fixed output installation, the dimming and individual control capability provided by DALI dimmable led driver enables considerable energy savings. In combination with dimmable drivers, presence and daylight sensors, energy savings of up to 80 per cent can be achieved. If the operation of the lighting is to be rearranged or regrouped, the costs per circuit in a fixed output system could be four times higher than those in a DALI system.

b.    Digital Addressable Lighting Interface: DALI is a data protocol and transport mechanism that was jointly developed and specified by several manufacturers of lighting equipment. The common platform of DALI dimmable led driver enables equipment from different manufacturers to be connected together.

c.    Simple installation: DALI system has no special requirement for circuit and cabling. The uses should notice the main circuit of led driver is isolated from the control circuit.

Moreover, DALI dimmable led driver comes in dimming function, and they are gradually taking the place of the common led driver. There are big companies that are already using them as a way to cut down expenses on energy bill. Shenzhen OTTIMA DALI dimmable led driver has sold more than 90 countries, so you can see the popularity of DALI dimmable led driver far surpass other led drivers.