DALI Dimmable Driver is the Expert of Secondary Energy Saving

- Sep 11, 2018-

Although DALI dimmable driver is not popular in China, the technique is very mature abroad and the application is very broad. Why is DALI dimmable driver popular overseas? Just because it is the dimming expert and realizes the secondary energy saving. As well all know, LED has the name of green energy is energy saving, environmental protection, high lighting effect, long working life, which replaces the traditional lighting step by step. LED lighting is the first step of energy saving, and DALI dimmable driver adjusts LED lighting which is the secondary energy saving. DALI dimmable driver will be the mainstream in future. Energy saving and emission reduction is the significant strategic topic in the world.

With the progress of science and technology, people has higher requirement of controlling LED lighting. They hope that LED driver can realize brightness control intelligently, adjust the degree of shade freely and transform the lighting color subtly. In order to create different atmosphere, people also want to realize color temperature adjusting, set the lighting atmosphere. These are what DALI dimmable driver can do. DALI dimmable driver can be widely used in the homes, workplaces, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, farm buildings, etc.

The traditional color temperature adjusting needs two dimmable drivers can not realize linear dimming. However, a DALI dimmable driver adds several devices can realize color temperature, brightness adjusting, and reduce the cost, improve the reliability.

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