dali 2 led driver

- May 13, 2020-

In recent years, hotels, commercial centers, and homes have become increasingly demanding on lighting systems. The DALI protocol has been widely used at home and abroad with the characteristics of simple, reliable, and excellent bus control. Strong advantage. For a better user experience, DALI technology has been continuously improved. The latest version is the DALI-2 control protocol, and ottima is also advancing with the times, updating and upgrading the DALI technology of dimming power supplies, and successfully obtaining DALI-2 certification.

DALI-1 revolutionized artificial lighting, and DALI-2 is helping to fill in the blanks of the original standard. DALI-2 is the latest version of the IEC 62386 DALI technical standard. Compared with the previous DALI-1, DALI-2 has made some technical improvements, so that the power supply products that meet the DALI-2 certification have more advantages in product characteristics.

Previously, DALI-1 did not require DALI certification for each product, which made some products on the market known as DALI not compatible with each other. Therefore, when the DiiA Alliance makes improvements to the DALI technology, it stipulates that to obtain DALI-2 certification for the products of DiiA Alliance members, each product must be subject to mandatory certification and a more standardized certification process has been developed . This move makes product certifications that have achieved DALI-2 certification more standardized, more flexible in application, easier to maintain, and improves product interoperability among manufacturers.

Secondly, to obtain DALI-2 certification, the most important point is that the product must be tested by Probit Lab 2 test equipment. Therefore, Probit Lab 2 equipment was introduced to develop and produce the most advanced, efficient and High-quality DALI-2 products provide the most reliable service guarantee.

The certified power supply, the shell label standard meets the protocol requirements, and the electrical parameters of the DALI interface of the power supply meet the technical requirements. It can match any device that meets the DALI-2 protocol and has fault feedback.

After conducting standard tests on the power supply and confirming that the test data is correct, submit a test pass report online. After being approved by the DiiA certification working group, the product is added to DiiA's online product database.

In addition to passing the rigorous DALI-2 certification test, ottima DALI-2 constant voltage dimming power supply has another highlight, that is, it has NFC near field communication programming function, which can read and write voltage and address through NFC, bringing more Good product experience ~