Cree designs new LED troffer for European commercial lighting applications

- Nov 07, 2018-

Cree, Inc. offers a new level of LED lighting to the European commercial lighting segment by introducing LR22 LED troffer.

LR22 LED troffer is a highly diffused and fully luminous fixture. It?s recessed design creates an appealing appearance to blend perfectly into any ceiling.

Featuring Cree TrueWhite technology, LR22 LED troffer offers a true combination of smooth and even light distribution that have less glare lighting, which is perfect for commercial spaces. The company claims that it has superior color quality and quick payback of less than two years.

According to Massimo Targetti, managing director, Cree Europe, LR22 troffer is suitable for commercial applications like offices, healthcare facilities, schools, etc.

LR22 troffer is available in both warm and neutral color temperatures of 3000K and 4000K. It delivers good color quality in a 595×595 mm configuration and has efficacy up to 95 lumens per watt. It also saves energy up to 50%as compared to fluorescent lighting. It is also backed by 10 years? warranty.

It also features on-board DALI control or standard 1-10V dimming capabilities. One individual LR22 LED troffer can be controlled and has two-way communication to maximize customer flexibility and ease of installation.