Constant Current (CC) LED Drivers

- Jan 16, 2019-

CC LED drivers are designed to maintain a Constant Current during operation. A CC LED driver balances the output current from each channel to ensure reduced EMI interference and maintain the long lifetime of LEDs. The CC LED driver circuit allows the driver to operate in the ‘constant current region’ also ensuring there is no variation in the brightness of the LEDs. This means you do not have to use resistors or control the current being fed to the LEDs so they can be used in series as long as the forward voltage is within the specified output range of the LED power driver.

CC devices must be wired in series.

CC Led drivers are suitable for a wide range of applications including architectural lighting; task lighting; medical lighting; transportation lighting; lit signage; safety and security lighting and outdoor area lighting.

Ottima’s range of LED drivers can be used in both CC and CV mode.