Confusion Reigns on Intelligent Lighting

- Sep 12, 2018-

Nowadays, different people have different opinions of intelligent lighting. What’s more, authorities or enterprises can’t explain it systematically. Firstly, some people use Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wifi protocol, and other people use DALI, C-Bus, DMX512 protocol. They can’t compatible with each other. It is very confused for manufacturers to research and produce intelligent lighting. Secondly, intelligent lighting products pursuit luxurious appearance in the lighting market, and the price is so higher than people’s consumption expectation. Thirdly, multi-interfaces realize adjusting brightness and color, which is not very easy.
It is said that intelligent lighting is the beginning of wireless internet era. In fact, our LED lighting is wall switch, lamps, lighting source. Whatever intelligent lighting you use, the product function and application cannot be changed easily.

Intelligent lighting is intelligent bulb in the strictly meaning at present, especially in the Chinese market. LED lighting leads household lighting, meanwhile, the cost is reasonable, it is very easy for user to accept that. Many users prefer to use remote switch, APP control software, wall switch, etc.

Manufacturers face several problems that how to enjoy LED intelligent lighting for users easily and how to reduce the cost. Simple switch dimming mode can not only realize users personalized choice, but also meet people’ s habit, especially at home, it is very easy for old men and children to use.