Check wattage vs lumens while buying LED lamps

- Oct 11, 2018-

 We usually buy an LED lamp by checking its wattage. However, experts say that just checking the wattage is not correct, as wattage is not a suitable parameter. This is because different types of LED lamps are available in the market.

Different LED lamps have different wattages, efficiencies and illumination patterns, making it quite confusing for the consumers to select the right bulb for the right application.

According to experts, lumen as well as wattage should be checked. While wattage measures the energy required to produce light, (which is not the correct indicator for a light?s output), lumens measure the light produced and is a good reference point when selecting an LED lamp. Newer LED bulbs have much fewer watts.

Lumens are usually misunderstood as the measurement of a light?s ‘brightness’. But, actually, it is a measurement of the total light ‘output’ of an LED lamp. Lumens give more accurate measure, and it is an indication of the light?s performance regardless of the power source that produces it.

When buying an LED lamp, you will hear the term ?lumens per watt?, which refers to luminous efficacy. The higher the lumens per watt, the better the LED lamp is because it uses less energy to emit the same, or a greater amount of light. LEDs luminous efficacy range from 80Lm/W to 160Lm/W. This energy efficiency makes it cost-effective as well, as it leads to less money spent on electricity costs.

Today, LED lamps have high luminous efficacy along with long life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours, which makes it energy-efficient. The combined savings from the reduced power consumption and the lower maintenance costs make LEDs a smart investment.