Can color-changeable LED luminaires really improve productivity?

- Oct 24, 2018-

For long, color-changeable LED luminaries like red, green and blue (RGB) were quite popular in architectural and façade lighting applications, but now these luminaries are becoming popular in general lighting and other indoor lighting applications.

How the market will fare?

According to IHS Technology estimation, in 2014, more than 1.3 million LED RGB color- changeable indoor LED luminaires were shipped to commercial and residential customers. IHS forecasts this market to touch 9.2 million luminaries in 2018.

What?s the penetration level?

White-temperature tunability LED luminaires are very effective and help users to regulate the level of light within a building. Earlier, smart lighting could provide dimming, switching, scheduling and daylight harvesting. But now lighting controls can regulate the color of the smart LED lighting to improve people?s moods enhance living and working environment.

Despite its low penetration level, white-light tunability and color-changeable LED lights are being used in academic institutes as studies have shown that different color temperatures are beneficial for children in schools and people in colleges and at workplace.

Color-changeable LED lighting is also becoming popular in healthcare industry as they help improve recovery times of patients. High-end offices are also adopting color-changeable white LED lighting in order to increase productivity.

ROI challenge

The color-changeable LED luminaries companies, are, however, facing the challenge of the consumers? expectations of fast return on investment (ROI) for these solutions. However, companies using them are facing the challenge as to how to measure the current productivity of a company against the increased productivity of the workforce after a new white light-tunable solution is being installed? As studies have proved that these new solutions can improve productivity, companies using them may need to rely on these studies till they find a method themselves to measure the increase in productivity.

However, RGB-changeable and white-tunable LED luminaires market has immense potential, particularly in the architectural, commercial spaces, but all it needs is awareness among people about its benefits and different applications.