By using LED bulbs you can save Rs 4,000 a year

- Oct 10, 2018-

According to Energy Efficiency Services (EESL), switching to LED bulbs can help you save Rs. 4,000 on a yearly basis owing to inexpensive replacement costs and energy efficiency gains.

According to EESL, if a household uses five LED bulbs on an average, replacing five incandescent bulbs, it can approximately save energy of 1.77 kWh per day, which will lead to saving 649 kWh energy annually. If we consider average tariff to be at Rs.4/ kWh, then, on an average, a household will approximately save Rs 2,550 per year.

Such savings will comparatively increase for each family unit that consists of more light bulbs and families situated in states will save more since some states include increased power tariffs as compared to others. For instance, a household in Delhi pays Rs. 6.82 per unit on an average, which would lead a family to save around Rs. 4,400 annually provided five incandescent bulbs are replaced by LEDs.
By using LED bulbs you can save Rs 4,000 a year

Having to carry on with incandescent bulbs might lead a customer to invest a minimum of Rs 30 per bulb on an annual basis. The life expectancy of LEDs is approximately two years and 10 months which equals to 25,000 hours. As against this, the life expectancy of incandescent bulbs is 1,200 hours and it is only,000 hours for CFL bulbs. This signifies that switching to LED bulbs can help in saving minimum Rs.1, 250.

The Power Minister, Piyush Goyal had continually stressed on the fact that the nation can save 100 billion units of electricity annually  by opting for LED bulbs, which he interpreted to a saving of Rs.40,000 crore all over the households.

The switch to LEDs will also aid the government in meeting its objective of reducing carbon dioxide emission, as reduced power consumption will ultimately lead to reduced hydrocarbon use and power production.

As of April 6 2016, the government has sold around 9.17 crore LED bulbs, the use of which would lead to a decrease of 26,451 tonnes of carbon dioxide on a daily basis, which translates to around 10 million tonnes annually, according to the Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP).

The government under the Street Light National Programme, has replaced around 7,50,780 streetlights to LED. This has lead to a saving of over 2.72 lakh units of electricity on a daily basis.