Analyze the Reasons of LED Lighting Failure

- Aug 28, 2018-

LED driver power supply failure and LED components failure can result in LED lighting no work. Generally, input power supply EOS and load circuit break fault affect the damage of LED power supply and LED driver. Because input power supply EOS usually destroys driver chip and capacitance, and load circuit break fault influences driving circuit overheating.

There are several reasons of LED components failure.

Firstly, the Transient Flow Event

The transient flow event is that LED current is higher than the maximum rated current of LED technical parameter manual. Such as transient lightning stroke, switching power supply transient noise, power grid fluctuate, etc. These events are transient.

Secondly, Electrostatic Discharge Event (ESD)

Electrostatic Discharge Event is that nowadays high integration density semiconductor device manufacture, transportation, application often occur transient overvoltage. However, LED lighting system should meet IEC61000-4-2 Standard of human body ESD pattern