Analysis on Technology and Market of LED Driver

- Sep 24, 2018-

LED driver refers to electronic device that adjusts piverower that drives LED illuminate or LED module element normally work. Mostly, we know it as LED lighting drivers or LED lamp driver. On account of conducting characteristic of LED PN, it decides power voltage and current LED adapts to have a much narrow variation range, whose slight deviation may lead to LED light illumination failure, illumination efficiency be seriously decreased, service life be greatly shortened and even chip burnout. Therefore, present power of industrial frequency and common battery power are not suitable to be supplied to LED directly. In this situation, LED driver that can drive LED work in optimum voltage or current emerges at the right time.

We know that LED driver is voltage exchanger that transforms power supplied into specific voltage and current to drive LED illuminate. In common condition, LED driving power imputed is in forms of high pressure alternating current of industrial frequency, low pressure direct current, high pressure direct current, low pressure alternating current high frequency and the like, while, outputting power driven by LED driver is mostly power of constant current that can change voltage with the variation of LED positive pressure decreasing value. We can say this is right the working principle of LED driver. Just as what LED constant current DMX driver in present market has shown us, the product has already opened a broad market in LED driver application by virtue of this well mastered technology.

LED Driver, from constant voltage triac driver to triac dimmable driver, is the core part of LED light. In many cases LED light failure comes from driver since LED light quality has become very dependable with LED chip technology becoming mature. Aiming at this problem, escalating and declining voltage exchanger is an effective solution. No matter outputted voltage is higher or lower than inputting voltage, exchanger can well drive LED string. Besides, it can add small but cheap extra circuit to conquer problems in the state of load adjustment and non-load. The exchanger is easily realized and needless of feedback compensation design when peak current mode is in control. What’s more, the open loop characteristic makes the exchanger become the ideal selection in applications that need PWM brightness adjustment.

Nowadays, LED application has covered almost every field in electronics which involves related manufacturers like LED drivers manufacturer and dali controller manufacturer. In fact, change in LED light illuminating strength, color light and connect or disconnecting control is almost unpredictable. Consequently, LED driver thereby becomes one to one servo component, making its family member specially diversified. Simplest LED driver may be just one or several RC component in series-parallel connection distributing current and voltage in the circuit, far away from becoming a dependent product. As for commercial application that requires providing stable and constant outputting current and voltage, it develops a series of systematic solution with accurate power adjustment capability. The core is LED driver IC integration application.