Advantages of LED Street Lighting

- Aug 24, 2018-

LED lighting has drawn much discussion. Some would say that LED lighting will replace the traditional lighting sooner or later for LED lighting caters to green energy concept. While there are not a few people who maintain that there is a long way to go before LED lighting really brings benefits to us because there are still many problem in using LED lighting. As far as I am concerned, LED lighting dimmers will take control of our streets and light night for us for their undeniable three advantages compared with traditional street lighting.

First of all, LED lighting is famous for energy saving. According to a recent released research, 85% energy will be saved if cities all around the world install LED lighting. It is really a big surprise. In addition, since LED lighting will adjust to environment and give off light. So to some extent, the LED lighting is smarter than the traditional street lighting. In terms of this aspect, the utility of LED lighting will reduce energy waste. It can not be denied that LED lighting is of importance in saving energy in future. Thus we should make effort to replace the traditional street lighting with LED lighting.

The second advantage of LED lighting goes to its long expectancy. Statistics shows that traditional street lighting will work about 5000 hours on average, while LED lighting will live up to 50,000 to 70,000 hours on average. As we all know that the expectancy of street lighting will affect the cost of street lighting maintenance. What is more, the traditional street lighting is not good for energy saving for the energy lost during using is big.

Last but not least, the using of LED lighting is good for environment protection. During the working time of traditional street lighting, they will give off harmful substance, for example mercury. While LED lighting can be powered by solar energy. Just make a simple comparison, and we can come to a safe conclusion that LED lighting takes advantages of traditional lighting.

In a word LED lighting will be beneficial to our city life for it will not pollute our environment while giving off light and it caters to green energy concept. Thought there are still some problems to be tackled, LED lighting will take place of traditional street lighting sooner or later.