Advantages of DALI dimming products

- Aug 18, 2020-

1) The dimming curve is perfect, smooth, without pause, and the dimming range is 0.1%-100%; (MEAN WELL and Inventronics start at 10%)

2) There is a point in the DALI Alliance standard that there should be output short-circuit feedback, but many manufacturers do not do this in order to save costs, and ours can meet

3) The output is PWM output, which means that there is no load limit, and the general output PWM is only a few hundred HZ, but the output PWM of SC DALI products can reach 4000HZ or even 20000HZ (low output frequency, mobile phone It will flicker when taking pictures, there is a horizontal bar, after reaching 4000HZ, according to the International Electrotechnical Standard, the flicker can be exempted)