Acuity Brands designs LED lighting solutions for food processing facilities

- Oct 24, 2018-

Acuity Brands has designed networked LED lighting solutions to address the tough conditions faced by food processing facilities every day. The new networked solutions for food processing facilities are an approach to lighting that enable savings, flexibility, operational efficiency and visual comfort.

The solutions offer food processors lighting for every aspect of the plant, including production lines, office space, emergency, outdoor and task-specific functions like inspection stations and cold storage areas

The solutions help save money by reducing the total cost of operations. The new solutions are fully integrated, minimizing the time and expense required to configure complex lighting systems. Custom financing and rebate services from Acuity Brands make the solution one of the few opportunities facility managers have to make a capital improvement at minimal upfront cost, with the upgrade project remaining case flow positive in year one.

?Acuity Brands is continually working to reduce lighting system costs while ensuring that each product and service in our networked solutions portfolio meets the most rigorous facility conditions said Mick Wilcox, VP Industrial Marketing, Acuity Brands Lighting. ?Drawing on decades of service to some of the industry?s leading companies, we have applied our expertise to customize networked solutions with the features and functionality food processors demand.

The networked lighting solutions help boost operational efficiency by improving safety and boosting employee productivity through higher quality illumination. A better lit, more visually comfortable work environment helps reduce worker fatigue and drive higher, more consistent production. The solutions are flexible with components that provide control over the lighting environment and tools that evolve with the operation.

The networked systems are easy-to-specify because the entire system – LED luminaires, responsive occupancy sensors and controls – comes fully integrated from one manufacturer. Acuity Brands assures that each system will be accurate, complete and aligned with the application?s specific needs.