A coat that signals your turn with flashing LEDs

- Nov 13, 2018-

 LED lights are being used in many innovative ways. Heres a coat with LEDs embedded on its sleeve which flash when the rider raises his arm to signal a turn. It is a Visijax product. Visijax is a world leader in wearable electronic products and clothing.

LED lights are seamed along the back of the sleeve of the coat which flash for a few seconds, alerting a vehicle driver that the rider will take a turn. Some red brake light style LEDs are seamed at the bottom of the jacket on its back, but the coat cannot sense the braking of a vehicle. A rechargeable battery powers the LED lights for about 30 hours.

Impulse also offers a jacket attached with high-output LEDs to increase a riders visibility. Impulse has created a wireless link between the motorcycle and the jacket which activates certain LEDs to indicate stopping and turning of the motorcycle.