5 best ideas to use LED strip lights in your home

- Oct 24, 2018-

LED strip lights are the cheapest of all types of LED lights. Hence, their applications are increasing, and these strips of tiny LED lights can be used in many innovative ways to decorate you home?indoor or outdoor. Available in a large number of colours, LED strip lights weigh light and can be cut to any length as per your application.

Let?s find out some of the bright ideas of using LED light strips around our homes. But first you should know which ones to choose and which types are available in the market. There are only two types to choose from?the SMD 3528 or SMD 5050. While the SMD 3528 is energy-efficient and cost effective, the SMD 5050 emits brighter light than SMD 3528. Also, SMD 5050 has a highly flexible multi-colour mode and with its remote controll can adjust multiple colours and colour combinations. So, now you can decide which one to use for your application.

While sky is the limit when you want to use LED strip lights to decorate your home, here are some ideas:
LED strip lights in your bedroom

If you like to read in bed, LED lighting around your bed?s headboard is a simple yet effective way to provide yourself with smooth lighting. It creates a very soft ambient light and you can even install a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the lighting level.

You can also be creative with the edges and insides of your wardrobe or even around the ceilings of the room. With different colours and the option to choose different colour combinations, you have the advantage of changing the ambience of the room according to your mood and feelings.

Now these strip lights are coming with motion sensors and they help people who need to get up at night and, instead of turning on a very bright light and wake their sleeping partner, or risk walking in the dark across the room in search for the door, the LED strip light gets switched on with the help of motion sensor. These lights can be run underneath the bed. These lights benefit the parents of small children as they serve as added security. These lights when run inside the closets, will turn on when you open the closet door.
LED strip lights in your kitchen

5 best ideas to use LED strip lights in your home5 best ideas to use LED strip lights in your homeLED strip light is an effective way to light up portions of the kitchen. You can run it underneath the cabinets, so that it illuminates your workplaces underneath. This way you will have a lit up surface where you can chop vegetables and prepare food, without any bulky lights getting in the way.

LED strip lights can also add a classy look to the edge of counters and inside closets. The light emitted by the LED strip lights are just enough to be seen but will not take too much attention away from your favourite kitchen design.
LED strip lights in your bathroom

5 best ideas to use LED strip lights in your home5 best ideas to use LED strip lights in your homeIn your bathroom, you can run LED strip light around your mirror so that you will have adequate light to shave or apply makeup. Here you should choose a light that is like pure white daylight so that you can see your makeup and skin tone correctly. You can also run LED strip under shelves or cabinets or inside cabinets. When using LED strip lights for your bathroom it is important to choose water-resistant lighting. As these lights operate on very low voltage, consuming little energy, they allow you to save energy consumed by your main ceiling lights.
LED strip lights in your dining area

Run LED strip lights across the bottom edges of your dining table, in the light panels on the ceiling and under the edge of the bar area to create the feeling you are looking for. You can even run the LED strip around the photo frames kept on the cabinet in your dining area. You can choose a single colour, multiple colour combinations or smoothly switching between these.
LED strip lights on the staircase

5 best ideas to use LED strip lights in your home5 best ideas to use LED strip lights in your homeThe staircase is the perfect spot for LED strip lighting. You can add a strip along the handrails, which will brighten up the space as well as add an attractive design element. You can also have them run under or along the staircase to enhance the area which is not usually used. You can use a yellow tinted light, as this will attract less insects at night. LED strip lights are flexible and can bend around any shape.

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