IP20 Dimmable LED Driver Power Supply

36W 900mA constant current led driver
Triac dimmable LED Driver
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5 Years


Ottima 36w led constant current triac dimmable driver

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dimmable led driver

This kind of palstic led driver is triac dimmable led driver, we provide constant current and constant voltage output ,10W/12W/15W/20W/30W/40W/60W/80W/100W Connector Series Triac Dimmable/No Dimmable for your option.

What is a leading edge dimmer? What is a trailing edge dimmer?

The operating mode of the leading edge dimmer is to achieve the effect of dimming by changing the

voltage waveform through the thyristor device. The leading edge dimmer will have a little noise when 

dimming! Unstable input voltage will affect the dimming effect! This is a matter of concern. (At home and abroad are basically the same, leading-edge dimming is a bit loud noise); trailing edge dimmer works by changing the voltage waveform through the MS tube to achieve dimming, the circuit layout is relatively complex and relatively high cost, the advantage is the input voltage Unstable, will not affect the dimming effect; no sound when dimming

Product advantage

1. Selectable constant current and constant voltage output.(Custom on request)

2. Full-isolated,delivering up to 15W of power.

3. Short circuit,over current and over voltage protection.

4. Up to 80% efficient.

5. Fireproof environmental protection PC plastic cover

6. 5 years quality warranty

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