led driver 7w

7W 100-450mA constant current led driver
Triac dimmable LED Driver
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Product Details

7W led driver constant current 100mA 450mA led power supply 


output voltage

DC9-17V &15-22V &27-40V

Input voltage

AC90-130v/180-240v 50/60HZ



Output current



3 years warranty


LED Down Light/ Pannel Light/ Spotlight etc


85% ~ 88%



Power Factor





Although the development of the lighting market has so far suffered from many shortcomings and problems in SCR dimming, due to its long history of development and mature and stable technology, it has been perfectly integrated with incandescent and halogen lamps, and it has taken a large toll. Light market. In most areas of dimming sites, where SCR dimmable incandescent or halogen lamps have been installed, consumers have installed two connecting wires on the wall leading to the luminaires, as well as on the walls. SCR dimmer switch box and knob are installed. For consumers, if you can simply replace the incandescent lamp or halogen lamp on the lamp head instead of replacing the thyristor switch on the wall or increase the number of connecting wires, it is a relatively simple solution. It is a practice that is universally acceptable to consumers. This means that LED lighting products must be compatible with thyristor dimming if they really want to replace the dimmable applications that replace incandescent and halogen lamps with thyristor dimmers. This is also a problem that developers and designers of LED driver ICs need to face. How to develop a suitable IC for thyristor dimming and LED special driving is so important.


Shipping and packing


1. Can you make the led driver cable length as we need?

Yes, we can make the length as your requirement.

2.Can i get the full price list of your led driver?

Because there are many kinds of our led driver, in order to supply you the quite right led driver you need and save your time, we would like to have your spec requirement in details, then we will recommend you the suitable led driver and quote good price for you. 

3.How soon you will reply my inquiry?

We reply your inquiry within 8 hours.  The trade messenger keep on line 24 hours for you. 

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