20W Triac Dimmable Led Driver

20W Triac Dimmable Led Driver

20W 12v constant voltage led driver
Triac Dimmable
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The 20 watt new design is smaller, lighter, has greater operating efficency, has over-current protection, and eliminates problems with buzzing and overheating.

This is an excellent quality 1.67A 20W Triac dimmable power supply. 
Can be used for many LED lights and other applications. 
Requires no minimum load and it is very quite without any buzz or humming noise. 
Warning: Do not overload. Overload will cause the AC adapter to fail. We are not responsible for misuse of power supply. 
It is recommended not to exceed the AC power supply's capacity. Please calculate your load before connecting the power. 

Output Current: 1.67A Output Voltage: 12V 
Input Voltage: 100V-130V 180-240V 50/60HZ 
NON-waterproof use for indoor dry location only. 



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