Led Driver 80 Watt Dali Dimming

Led Driver 80 Watt Dali Dimming

80W 12V/24V dimming led driver
Dali+push 2 in 1 dimmbale led driver
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Input voltage

Output voltage

Output current


Power Factor


AC 100-265V





Constant voltage


Setting DALI address

a. Manual:Long press any button- digital address will flicker- short press button to set address we wantlong

press any button to confirm.

b. DALI master setting: 101.566 can also be setting address by all DALI masters which possess this function.

The specific operation can refer to DALI master manual.

c. Once an address is selected, all four channels address will be same. For example, if the decoder is

addressed to 22 on the display then CH1 – 22, CH2 – 22, CH3 –22, CH4 – 22.

Push DIM function instructions

a. After entering to this mode, the display of DALI push dimmer will show “PD” – “PUSH DIMMER” mode

b. Short press the Push DIM switch (<0.5s) to control the lamp on or off

c. Long press the Push DIM switch (>0.5s) to dim the brightness of light; the dimming direction will change

every time after pressing switch

d. When the light being turned off, long press the Push DIM switch can turn on the light and adjust its brightness

according to the dimming direction

e. The brightness adjustment range is 1%-100%, and the light can be turned off through short pressing.

f. Power off memory function, the power-down state before will be maintained when power on again


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