Dali Push Dimmable Led Driver

Dali Push Dimmable Led Driver

Dali + push 2 in 1 dimmable led driver 20watt constant current led driver IP20 plastic
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Product Details

Slim led driver, DALI push dim 20W constant current 250ma 300ma 350ma 500ma 700ma led drive

  •             Dimming interface:0-10V (1-10V, 10V PWM, resistor), Push DIM. Build-in high performance MCU, dimming curve can be customized.

  •             Dimming range from 0-100%,LED start at 0.1%possible. Power factor > 0.99, Efficiency > 93%.

  •             Fully Digital circuit design, excellent performance and long working life.

  •             PWM digital dimming, maintain the best LED’s CRI(color rendering index).

  •             Standard logarithmic dimming curve, the human eye visual feel more comfortable.



Products Range:

IP20 Indoor:3-100W


IP67 outdoor :10-360W


Triac dimmable:10-360W


Dali Dimmable :10-300W


0/1-10V PWM dimmable:10-200W


Dali + Push dimmable 10-100W


5 in 1 Dimmable :10-300W


Led driver with junction box:10-300W(Dimmable & non dimmable)


For the special parameters, just inform us for check.thanks.

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