45w Plastic Dimmable Led Power Supply

45w Plastic Dimmable Led Power Supply

45W 12V/24V constant voltage led driver
Dali+push 2 in 1 dimming led driver
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These push dimming slave units below only require a momentary mechanism at the switch plate to give perfect 0-100% dimming. 

They are low voltage devices working between the power and the product and give perfect 0-100% dimming. 

Currently dimming constant voltage LED strips works best on the low voltage side with phase dimming of constant voltage power supplies still needing more developement to give a comparable load and dimming range. 

Most good switch plate ranges have a push button (momentary mechanism) option. 

Both constant voltage and constant current models available. 

Multiple units synchronise their dimming. 

2way, 3way, 4way, 5way or more dimming is simple. 

Slave is positioned between the power supply and the load with a 2 core cable to the momentary mech in the switch plate.

Input voltage

Output voltage

Output current


Power Factor


AC 100-265V





Constant voltage

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