30 Volt Led Driver

30 Volt Led Driver

20W constant current led dimming driver
250-700mA dali dimmable led driver
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30Volt led driver IP20 plastic non waterproof housing ,dali dimmable used for a whole building with dali system


1, Output power: 3-25W max

2, Two independent output channel, output current from 250mA to 700mA set VIP DIP switches, one driver is applicable for many luminaires, save purchasing cost and inventory qty for customer.

3, Output voltage: 3-50VDC

4, Three kinds of dimming mode DALI, 1-10V, push dim

5, Compatible with latest DALI interface IEC62386-101, IEC62386-102, IEC62286-207

6, Memory function: the driver has built-in permanent memory against power failure. Lights can return to previous dimming level when switch off and on again, even at mains restores.

7, No need additional synchrony wire, up to 15pcs drivers should be controlled by one dimmer.

8, Maximum length of the cable, from push button to last driver is 20m

9, Press-in terminals in primary and secondary side, easy assembly


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