3.75Amp 12volt Dali Led Power Supply

3.75Amp 12volt Dali Led Power Supply

45 watts constant voltage led driver
12 volts led power supply
IP20 housing design
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Product Details


1. Rubycon capacitor 

2. Permanent memory

3. Dimming range 0~100%,noise free flicker free

4. Suitable for indoor LED lighting applications

5.CE and SAA certification

Working environment

 • Make sure work in proper environments are stated in this Guide.

 • Do not overload.

 • Avoid free of load while a power supply is powered on, keep proper loading

 • Always keep good ventilation

 • Do not mount on wood or flammable surface, keep minimum 5CM for LED power

   supplies each other.

 • Keep away from inflammable or explosive environments.

All our produts are compliant with CCC, SAA, ETL CE and RoHS standards.

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  • 0/1-10V, PWM dimmable led driver (10-300W)

  • DALI dimmable led driver and dali accessories for DALI system (10-360W)

  • Super slim size led driver 


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