2500mA Dali Dimmable Led Driver

2500mA Dali Dimmable Led Driver

2500mA constant current led driver
120W IP67 dimming led power supply
CC led driver
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IP67 120W Dali Dimmable LED Driver DC 2500mA 3000mA 3600mA


1. Low temperature rising about 20-25 deg, High PFC>0.98.                             

2. Imported capacitor with super long lifespan more than 10,000hs at 105 deg.

3. Working temperature -35 ----65ºC

4. More than 24 hours aging time with 100% load.

5. Short circuit& Over voltage &Over temperature & Over load and Against lightining strike protection.

6. 3 years warranty.

7. Short delivery time about 5-7 days for samples, 10-20days for big order.

8. Customized is available.

9. Above price is based on standard parameters and General Requirements.

DALI is tailor made for modern lighting solutions. Each luminaire is individually addressable; a large number of groups and scenes can be pre-selected to enable the lighting installation to be quickly adapted to suit a wide range of applications. When controlling the light sources based on daylight sensing, presence detection and personal control, user friendly installations can be realised as well as energy efficient installations.

A DALI system could be as smal as a single luminaire, but is scalable to multiple systems across a building or more, where DALI systems can be connected together using lighting hubs/routers.

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