150w 12v Dali Led Power Supply

150w 12v Dali Led Power Supply

150W constant voltage led power supply
12 volts dali led dimming driver
IP67 waterproof design
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China manufacturer 150W high quality DALI dimming led power supply

150w led driver dali dimmable  Parameter can be customized
Input voltage100-265vac
Ac frequency50-60HZ
Output current12.5A 6.25A
Output voltage12/24v

Introduction of dali digital control:

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is a communication protocol for lighting control in buildings.

The interface was first described in the IEC60929 standard for fluorescent lamp ballast, Annex E. The stand- ard was subsequently updated to include other lighting devices, such as LED, HID, etc., to become IEC-62386. The complete standard for control interface of electronic control gears was published in June 2009, while the standard for lighting control devices is scheduled to be published in 2012. 

Only a pair of wires are required to form the bus for communication to all devices on a single DALI network. Each piece of operating equiment with a DALI interface can be communicated with individually. Using a bidir- ectional data exchange, a DALI controller can query and set the status of each connected lighting device. As a standalone system, DALI can be operated with a maximum of 64 devices. 

Have 4 steps to a good install
Addressing and management system for up to 64 DALI units Easily create and edit individual light scene
Easily create and edit individual light group
Define fade time for each light scenes
Define fade rate for dimming up and down
Set the basic brightness
Save and load DALI address in a file

Run the software on Windows XP or windows 7 


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