Constant Current Led Driver 0-10V

Constant Current Led Driver 0-10V

Constant current 1-10V dimmable led driver
500mA IP20 led driver
Plastic housing design
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LED tech has virtually swept the market in the last several years, and only appears to be growing in affluence over time. Using a 0-10V dimmer in conjunction with an already-efficient LED system is probably the best kind of application such a dimmer can have, and one of the reasons they are used in this capacity more and more today. Though fluorescent dimming options still incorporate this innovation, the energy inefficiency of fluorescent lighting is slowly phasing it out.


100-265VAC Input, 25W ouput, Single Stage LED Driver with Active Power Factor Correction (>0.9)

500mA Constant Current Output with < +/- 4% LED Current RegulationFast Startup < 500ms

Fast Startup < 500ms

Operates with Standard 0-10V Dimmers with 9:1 Contrast Ratio

Fully Tested Design for Use in Integral LED Downlight/Troffer Fixtures or as Stand Alone LED Driver Module


How do I check which Dimmers and LED’s are compatible with OTTIMA Drivers?

A. We are continuously testing dimmers and LEDs with our drivers and have built a compatibility list. New dimmers and LEDs are becoming available on the market all the time. OTTIMA is continually testing new dimmers to verify compatibility. The basic rule when selecting a Dimmer is to check that it is MLV- (Magnetic Low Voltage) compatible. If you choose to use a dimmer that does not appear on our list of compatible dimmers, we advise you to test the configurations prior to installation.

What can happen if the Dimmer is not compatible?

A. When testing a combination of Driver, dimmer and LEDs that are not compatible, you can experience flickering, audible hum, and higher output at low dimmer levels. Running such an incompatible configuration can shorten the service life of the driver.

Can outdoor units be used indoors?

A. Yes, all outdoor units can also be used indoors.


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