AC to DC Dimmable LED Driver 0-10V

100W 2500mA constant current led driver
0-1/10V PWM LED Driver
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Product Details



Input voltage range


Input frequency


Power factor

0.99(Max),>0.90 100-277Vac input,70%~100% load

Input current

0.811A at 100Vac

Inrush current

90A at 220VAC, 25℃ cold start

Leakage current

0.5mA Max at 220Vac / 50Hz input

Maximum output power


Line regulation


Rode regulation


Start up time

<0.5 S at 220Vac


Over voltage protection,Short circuit protection,auto recovery


<20%,265Vac,50Hz inout,70%~100% load

<15%,110Vac,60Hz inout,60%~100% load


Rated Input Voltage range 100-256Vac

High efficiency :88%

Active PFC: 0.98 Max

Low THD. Constant current

3 in1 dimming function :0-10V/PWM dimming,Rx function

Low Ripple and Noisy.No stroboscopic

Protections: Over Voltage protection;Short Circuit protection

Output current can be regulated by adjustable trim port

Input terminals suitable for 12-22AWG wire


Helpful Tips for a Better LED Driver Solution

Q1: How to select a suitable driver from the first point?

Firstly, forward current and power of a LED module is necessary. These could give an initial judge on the driver selection. The next step would be other required features depending on the application, like surge protection level, waterproof level etc.

Q2: What is dimming via 0-10V/PWM/Timer?

0-10V function can be controlled by active dimmer or passive resistor;

PWM function can be controlled by PWM generator;

Timer control can intelligently and autonomously manage light of LED source, using the multistep pre-programming scheme which is more convenient for filed application and energy-saving.