110v Dimmable Led Driver 0-10v

110v Dimmable Led Driver 0-10v

96Watts 24Volt constant voltage led driver
0-10V PWM dimmable led driver
IP20 class 2
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90W 24volts constant voltage class 2 0-10V dimmable led driver

They have been around since the early days of fluorescent dimming, and are still an effective method of dimming today. That said, 0-10V dimmers are more likely to be used as LED dimming options that are reliable and controllable today. What a 0-10V dimmer does is mitigate a DC voltage control signal between ten and zero volts. When the unit is set to 10V, it should be at its maximum output. Likewise, when it’s at 0V, it should be at its minimal output.


  • Universal Input Voltage

  • 0-10V Dimmable - Flicker Free Down to 1%

  • No Minimum Load Requirement

  • Ripple Free

  • Class 2, Class P

  • Auto-Reset Protection for Short Circuit and Over-Temperature

  • Over Load Protection - CC Mode



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