0-10v Led Transformer

0-10v Led Transformer

120W 12v CV power supply unit
1-10V PWM dimmable led driver
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1.3 channels constant voltage output dimming control, maximum driving ability of 18A.
2.The analog voltage DC 1-10V dimming, dimming passive and active1-10V universal, with large scale control system. The modulated light from the structure.
3.The PWM driver output, LED output smooth, no flicker.
4.The product is provided with a self test function, in the absence of input signal, brightness to maximum output,can input short test whether the product is in work, input short brightness will gradually dark to a minimum. Keep the maximum luminance output open circuit.

5. Custom-made available

Exception Handles




No light

1. No power from plug

2. At black mode

3. Overload Recovery

4. Incorrect connection

1 Change the socket

2. Change the running mote

3 Lighten load, react

4 Check the connection


  1. please use the voltage 0/1-10V dimmer curve,otherwise it will smooth dimming directly impact LED. otherwise it will smooth dimming direct impact LED.

  2. Voltage LED to load and controller of power supply, and must be in the input voltage range specified in the product.

  3. if a bus is connected with many pieces of dimming driver,please confirm the effective with good dimming switch load capacity.  

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