0-10V LED Power Supply 24W

3W 12V constant voltage led driver
0-1/10V PWM LED Driver
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Product Details

Output Parameters

Output Voltage


Output Voltage Max


Output Voltage Max


Output Current Tolerance


Output Current Ripple LF


Output Power


Galvanic Isolation


Input Parameters

Nominal Input Voltage

110vac/220 Vac

Input Voltage AC

100…277 Vac

Nominal Input Frequency

50…60 Hz

Input Frequency AC


Nominal Input Current

0.4…1.1 A

Maximum Input Current

1.3 A

Nominal Input Power

40 W

Power Factor


Total Harmonic Distortion

< 20 %


91 %


•Over Temperature Protection

•Open Circuit Protection

•Short Circuit Protection

•Over Voltage Protection

Technical Parameters of installation

•1.Over current:95-108%

•2.Protection mode:Constant current limit mode,the load can be automatically restored after removing abnormal conditions.

•3.Short circuit:Hiccup mode,can recover automatically when abnormal condition is moved.

•4.Over temperature:85 ℃ ±10%C(RTHz);Protection mode:turn off the output voltage,recover when restarting.

•5.Operating temp:-40 ℃-+70 ℃

•6.Working Humidity:20-95%RH,without refrigeration.

•7.Storage Temp,Humidity:-40  ℃-+80  ℃,10-95%RH

•8.Temperature Factor: ±0.03%/ ℃(0-60 ℃)

•9.Vibration Resistance:10-500Hz,5G 12mins/period, 72mins for X,Y,Z axis each

Installation Notes:

•1.When using the power supply, please pay attention to distinguishing the input and output terminal, and connect the wires correctly,then turn it on after making sure it is correct.

•2.Please firstly connect the load of DC output terminal, make sure it's correct and then turn on the power supply.

•3.Welding the power line to avoid other solder tin,tin,tin false,short circuit,all leads must avoid direct contact with the surface of capacitance.

•4.Using environment temperature must be in accordance with the specification requirements.

•5.When power assembly to the fixture,need to make an aging text more than 24hours according to the actual situation,to ensure the quality of the fixture product.